eMailSort is a browser extension which lets you sort your emails in Gmail

Now available for Google Chrome
Under development for other browsers

How To

  • How to Install

  • How to Disable/Un-install

    • Click the Chrome menu   on the browser toolbar.
    • Select Tools.
    • Select Extensions.
    • Find the extension you want to remove.
      • To temporarily turn extension off, uncheck the box next to Enabled for the extension you want to turn off
      • To permanently un-install the extension, click the trash icon   next to it. Click Remove on the pop-up

  • How It Works

    • How to Sort?
      • Once installed the sort icon will appear on your Gmail page.
      • Click on the sort icon and choose the desired parameters.
      • Your Gmail page will refresh with the sorted email list.

    • How to Re-set Sort Parameters?
      • Simply click on any of your Gmail folders to the left (e.g., Inbox).
      • OR
      • Click on the sort icon and choose new parameters.

  1. What is eMailSort?
    eMailSort is a browser extension (Chrome for now), which simply lets you sort your emails in Gmail.
  2. Which browsers can I use?
    As of early 2015, eMailSort is available for Chrome only. Other browsers are in development and will be released as they become available.
  3. Do I have to install multiple eMailSort extensions if I have more than one Gmail account?
    No you don't. As long as you use the same Google Chrome browser credentials, any Gmail account (even multiple accounts) will have the capability to use this extension.
  4. What is the cost?
    USD2.99 one time charge via the Chrome Web Store.
  5. What is your refund policy?
    You can ask for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Please follow the Chrome Web Store refund process for a prompt refund:
  6. How many emails does the sort function display?
    It will sort emails in the entire folder and display 100 emails at a time.
  7. Why do I get the Authentication Required warning message when installing the extension?
    eMailSort extension does not modify your emails. This is a standard message from Chrome. The extension only accesses features which enable sorting and nothing else.
  8. Why does it take so long to sort?
    eMailSort fetches all email threads in your conversations and sorts them according to the criteria provided. It may take longer due to:
    • large number of emails in the folder
    • slow connection: emails are sorted on the server side and response times may be compromised due to a slow connection
  9. How do I un-sort a sorted list?
    Simply click on any folder to the left.
  10. What is the average sort time?
    We tested small and large Gmail boxes and noticed the following sort times:
    • Less than 100 emailsort under 1 second
    • Between 100 and 1000 emailsort 1-5 seconds
    • Around 5000 emailsort close to 10 seconds
  11. Why do I see a transparent box when scrolling down?
    eMailSort uses the available memory to process its tasks. If your email box is very large then most of the processing power is used up in sorting emails resulting in some transparent menu items. The functionality still works but it just looks less slick. As your email count goes down, this issue will go away.
  12. It seems like my Gmail box has frozen (sort process taking too long). What do I do?
    Due to huge number of emails, from time to time eMailSort may freeze. Please close your Gmail and Sign-in again. As the number of emails go down this issue will slowly go away.

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What Happens on Your Computer Stays on Your Computer

eMailSort Extension will not store, alter, or transmit any information from your email account. It only sorts your emails, nothing else. Browser permission warnings are standard verbiage used before installing an application.

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eMailSort is brought to you by a dedicated group of developers from San Francisco, California.
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